Fried crab cakes in a serving dish sitting on the stovetop of an air-fry-oven.

Tips on Using an Air Frying Oven

Are you excited to bring variety to the table by using the air frying feature on your new Frigidaire appliance? Enjoy these helpful tips on how to get the most from your air fryer oven.


How does an air fryer oven work?

Air fry is an oven feature that works like a countertop air fryer. Inside an air fryer oven, super-heated air circulates around the food to provide crispy, golden results without all the oil that deep-frying requires.

Air fryer ovens like the eliminate the need for another countertop appliance by putting the same technology right in your oven.

What type of cookware is best for air frying?

Air frying works best with a dark, non-stick baking sheet with low sides. For quicker, crispier results, try the ReadyCook™ Air Fry tray. The Air Fry Tray lets air circulate all around each piece of food, so it’s crunchy even on the bottom.



What foods can be cooked in an air fryer oven?

You can use the air fry setting on your oven for most foods that can traditionally be deep-fried. Some of our favorite recipes include:

Can you cook battered food in an air fryer oven?

Crispy food needs enough oil to bind batters and coatings, but not too much or you'll end up with soggy results. If the food has a crumbly or floury outside texture, try spraying it with a little bit more oil.

If you're making air fried food from scratch, spray your homemade items with a light coating of oil (too much and the food won't get crispy) and arrange foods so the hot air circulates around each piece as much as possible. 

Can you use olive oil while air frying?

Using cooking oils that can stand up to high temperatures is key while air frying, so avocado, grapeseed, and peanut oil are great for achieving crispy goodness. For best results, brush on lightly or spray an even coat of cooking spray made from these oils. Extra virgin olive oil is not an air fry-friendly oil due to its low smoke point, but extra light olive oil can be used for air frying because of its high smoke point. Other types of olive oil and some vegetable oils smoke at lower temperatures, meaning they will cause food to dry up quickly and prevent them from getting crispy.

Can you use aluminum foil in an air fryer oven? 

Air fry works best on dark pans because they get and stay hot very quickly. Shiny foil reflects heat off the bakeware, which may change your results. When cooking with the Air fry Tray, we suggest putting a baking sheet on a rack a couple of positions below your tray. You can line that sheet with foil or parchment (or both) to catch any drips or crumbs, but you should never put aluminum foil, liners, or bakeware on the oven bottom. Items in this location can cause issues with air circulation and direct heat in any oven. Always keep the bottom of the oven clear so the air can circulate properly.

How do I keep my air frying oven clean?

Before using the air fry feature, place a cookie or baking sheet a rack or two under the Air Fry Tray to catch crumbs or drips. This will keep the bottom of the oven clean and free of fallen bits that can burn or cause odors later. Remember, do not place pans directly on the oven bottom to keep heat circulating correctly.

How do I clean the Air Fry Tray?

The Air Fry Tray is dishwasher safe, but for optimal cleaning, we recommend washing it by hand. It's designed to hold foods that already have some oil on them, which should keep food from sticking. 

How do I limit the amount of smoke when using the Air Fry Tray?

Air fry uses really hot air to cook food fast and make it crunchy. Although air fry uses hot air to cook, remember that you are still frying your food so that it gets crispy! When some high-fat or greasy foods (like fresh wings) meet that hot air inside an oven, some smoke is normal. If air fry is making a lot of smoke, try these tips:

  • When using the Air Fry Tray, put a baking sheet on a rack or two below the Air Fry Tray. This keeps drips and crumbs from landing on the oven bottom, where they can burn and create smoke. For additional protection, place some foil-lined parchment paper on the baking sheet. Parchment paper traps oil and keeps it from smoking.
  • Use cooking oils that can stand up to high temperatures like avocado, grapeseed, and peanut oils. Cooking sprays made from these oils are available at the grocery store.
  • Keep foil, parchment paper, and bakeware off the bottom of the oven. The oven bottom needs to stay clear so air can circulate.
  • Don’t overcrowd the food on your baking sheet or on the Air Fry Tray. If air can’t circulate around each item, the cooking and crisping process may slow down and allow more grease to settle or drip.
  • If your catch-tray is smoking, try placing parchment paper on it to hold grease. For extra-moist foods, you may have to use more. It’s worth it!
  • Some foods, like fresh wings and some vegetables, have a lot of moisture and may drip more than you expect. For items that might drip, use a pan with low sides if you’re not using an Air Fry Tray.
  • Air fry uses super-heated air, so if your oven bottom already has drips or crumbs on it (it happens!), those can smoke. Keep your oven bottom clean.
  • If you have an oven vent, use it when cooking with air fry, like you would when using the cooktop.