What do the alarms or error messages mean on my French-Door refrigerator?

Most alarms are designed to alert of you of changes in your refrigerator or an action on your part is required. Here is a summary of common alarms. For more information, please refer to your Owner’s Manual as they may vary by model.

Power Failure or PF – In the event of a power failure, your unit will display Power Failure or PF. Simply acknowledge the alarm (once power is restored) by pressing “Alarm Reset”. The refrigerator will then resume normal operations. If your power was out for an extended period of time, the HIGH TEMP alarm may also illuminate or alarm until the unit reaches a safe operating temperature.

H or HI or High Temp – Indicates the freezer and/or refrigerator section of your appliance have exceeded the temperature threshold. This is usually caused by inadvertently not closing the door all the way or leaving the door open for an extended period of time. The alarm can be muted but it will stay active (or illuminated) until the temperature resumes normal operation. - If the temperature of your freezer reaches 26 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, the alarm will activate. - If the temperature of your refrigerator reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, the alarm will activate.

Door Ajar – If the freezer or refrigerator doors have been left open for 5 minutes or more, an alarm will sound and the Door Ajar indicator will illuminate on the display. Close the door and press the Set key to reset any alarms.

SB or Sb – Your refrigerator is in Sabbath mode. Refer to your Owner’s Manual to deactivate.

DI SP – Indicates there is an ice cube(s) jammed in the ice chute for an extended period of time. Simply open the door and look in the ice chute and remove any blockage.

If you experience any of the following error codes, this could indicate an authorized service is required:

    • SY CF
    • SY CE
    • SY EF
    • OP
    • SH


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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