What is the best setting for my crisper drawers?

Setting the humidity control on your crisper drawers is not hard but we often forget what the best setting is based on the food type. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Leafy vegetables keep best when stored with the humidity control set on HIGH, or in a drawer without a humidity control. This keeps incoming air to a minimum and maintains maximum moisture.
  2. Non-leafy vegetables and fruits still in their skin should be stored with the humidity control set on LOW. It’s best to wash items and remove any excess water before placing in the crisper drawers.
  3. Items with strong odors or high moisture content should be wrapped before storing.
  4. If you have a refrigerator model with the Auto CrispSealTM Drawer, they are equipped with an auto humidity control on the side of each crisper under the humidity control cover. Good news – no settings needed!
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