My refrigerator was just installed and my Ice and Water dispenser is not working, how do I fix it?

If your refrigerator was just installed, there a few things to keep in mind regarding your Ice & Water Dispenser.

  1. Check to make sure the refrigerator is properly connected to a water supply and that the water supply is turned on.
  2. Be sure to prime the water supply system. Air in new plumbing lines can result in an uneven water flow.
  3. The dispenser has a built-in device that shuts off the water flow after 3 minutes of continuous use. To reset the shutoff device, simply release the dispenser paddle and then resume if needed.
  4. Water from the dispenser is not chilled – it will be room temperature without adding ice to your cup/glass.
  5. When dispensing ice, you will hear a snapping or clicking sound when the ice chute opens and closes. This is perfectly normal. When dispensing cubed ice, it is not uncommon to have a small quantity of little pieces along with whole cubes.

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