How do I use my ice maker in my Top-Freezer refrigerator?

Not all Top-Freezer refrigerators have an ice maker – most are installed separately. However, if you have an ice maker, there are a few things to keep in mind if it's just been installed.

  1. Minimal ice will be produced during the first 24 hours of operation because air in the new plumbing lines may cause the ice maker to cycle 2 or 3 times before making a full tray of ice.
  2. With no ice usage, it may take approximately 1 to 2 days to fill the ice container/bin. New plumbing connections may also cause the first production of ice cubes to be discolored or have an odd flavor. If this happens, just discard the ice made during the 1st 24 hours and then you should be good to go.
  3. Wondering how to turn ON your ice maker? Ensure the plumbing connections are secure and the water valve is opened. NOTE: If the ice maker is ON and the water supply is not connected, the water valve will make loud chattering noises. Place the ice container/bin under the ice maker, pushing it as far back as possible. Lower the wire signal arm to its “down” or ON position. Normal ice production is about 2.5 to 3 pounds of ice every 24 hours depending on usage (unless just installed – may take a little longer) or about 8 cubes every 80-160 minutes.
  4. Wondering how to turn OFF your ice maker? To stop the ice maker, simply lift the wire signal arm until it clicks and locks in the “up” or OFF position. Keep in mind the ice maker will also turn off automatically when the ice container/bin is full. TIP: You may want to turn off your ice maker if you will be away from the home for an extended period of time. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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