Can I adjust the shelves and/or door bins in my Top-Freezer refrigerator to fit my spacing needs?

You may need to adjust your shelves or door bins for spacing needs or simple care and cleaning.

Before adjusting the shelves and/or door bins, remove all the food items.

Remove the shelf by pulling forward to the stop position using 2 hands to avoid dropping.

Lift the front edge up and pull it out to replace the shelf.

Next, rest the side edges on any pair of shelf rails and carefully push shelf back into position. Some Top-Freezer refrigerator models have door bins (or racks) to accommodate taller or larger items.Before removing door bins (or racks) remove all the food items.

Push on the bin (or rack) sides to release from the locking tabs. Then, pull straight out to install the door bin (or rack) simply push straight ahead. You may hear the sides lock into the tabs.When cleaning shelves and/or door bins, allow any glass components to warm to room temperature before immersing in warm water to prevent damage. Simply use warm, soapy water or glass cleaner.

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