What should I do if my Frigidaire Laundry Center is not starting?

There probably is simple solution to getting your Frigidaire Laundry Center running as it should.

Whether your unit was just installed or you have been using for a while, we recommend checking the following:

Ensure the power cord fits tightly in the wall outlet and you are getting power to your washer. If no power, check to ensure a house fuse isn’t blown or the circuit breaker tripped.

Your Frigidaire Laundry Center should be on its own circuit breaker and not shared with other outlets or appliances.

Check to make sure the water supply faucets are turned on.Make sure the unit is level.If everything checks out okay – let’s try these tips:

Check the lid. Make sure the washer lid and/or dryer door are closed – laundry center will not start if the lid or door is open. Press Start. Don’t forget to press the START/PAUSE button after making your selections. Load sensing.

With most Frigidaire Laundry Centers, the first 2 minutes of the cycle are spent sensing the size of the load so you may not hear the water filling right away. Water will start to enter the tub once the sensory cycle is complete. Cycle may be paused. If the cycle initially started but appears to have stopped, your washer may just be in a pause stage. This is perfectly normal, a pause will occur between the Wash and Spin cycles with an additional pause during the Soak cycle.

If you are unable to resolve an issue or need more information, please contact us.

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