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How To Change Water Filters

Refrigerator water filter replacement is as simple as it is essential. Your water filtration system can only work its best when properly maintained and cared for. Watch these video guides for step-by-step instructions on replacing our filter types.

Where is my water filter located?

The majority of refrigerator filters are located in one of two locations: in the grille at the base of the fridge or in the back upper-right corner of the interior. In either location, you’ll see a knob or a button that will release the filter for removal. Click here to use the filter finder tool. 

When should I change my water filter?

It's recommended you replace your water filter every six months. Over time, your water filter will collect filtered-out particles and contaminants that will naturally make it less effective. 

What can happen if I don't change my water filter?

First and foremost, your water may simply stop being filtered. A spent carbon filter may not be able to capture particles or remove microscopic contaminants. But worse, a neglected filter can create unique problems for your water quality and your appliance. It may even cause damage to your fridge's water filtration system. 

Is a fresh filter necessary?

Home tap water often meets minimal water quality standards set by the EPA, but many experts agree these are too lenient and can allow for harmful contaminants in your water. Find out the contaminants that your water filter removes.

Big Savings with a Sustainable Impact: 
Water filters do more than save you money. The cost of purchasing bottles and bottles of water is much more than simply regularly replacing your filter. Plus, think of all the water bottles you’re saving from going into landfills. In 2019 alone, Frigidaire water filter users saved up to 3 million bottles of water from the trash.

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