How Do Water Filters Work?

How Do Water Filters Work?

Water filters help do what municipal water systems can't. Tap water often meets minimal water quality standards set by the EPA, but many experts agree those standards are too lenient. That's where your fridge filter comes in. Don't leave your water's taste and your family's safety to chance. Find out what could be in your water supply and see how Frigidaire genuine filters work to remove 99.9% of contaminants. 

Your water filter in action

Take a closer look at your fridge filter in action. Frigidaire Genuine water filters use activated carbon technology to filter contaminants in three ways:



  1. First, the large internal surface area physically traps sediments and contaminants. 
  2. Then, activated carbon acts like a magnet for compounds like lead and volatile organic compounds as water passes through. 
  3. Finally, chemical reactions inside the filter reduce chemicals like chlorine on contact. 

How often should I replace my filter?

As time goes on, and the activated carbon inside your filter does its work, it will collect filtered-out particles and contaminants that will naturally make it less effective. Changing your water filter out every six months is essential to keeping great-tasting, safe water flowing for your family. 

Frigidaire Fridges and Genuine Filters. Made for each other.
We built the fridge. We built the filter. Together they are powered by advanced technology to eliminate 99.9% of contaminants. Keeping your family's water safe and delicious.

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