Black Stainless Steel

What is Black Stainless Steel?

With its timeless look, ability to withstand heat, and corrosion-resistant applications, stainless steel has been a “must-have” finish for appliances in most households.

Over time, growing consumer needs called for a new and updated alternative that combined the traditional benefits of stainless steel with a unique, modern look to satisfy any kitchen design. Frigidaire also offers Black Stainless Steel in Smudge-Proof™, a finish that won’t show fingerprints.

Young Boy Opens Black Stainless Steel Refridgerator
Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Design

Black stainless steel is the same composition of iron, chromium, silicon, nickel and carbon that makes up traditional stainless steel products, but it has a protective coating of polymer that creates a black matte finish. Black stainless steel is just as durable as your classic stainless steel, but features a richer, deeper colored finish.

Why black stainless steel appliances will work in your home

With its premium finish, black stainless steel appliances offer a premium look, and are made for any household ⏤ even those on a budget. Unlike classic stainless steel appliances that may stick out when upgrading from your traditional black and white appliances, black stainless steel blends in as you update your kitchen suite. The practicality and ease of use make it a sensible and stylish choice. Plus, black stainless refrigerators are magnetic, allowing you to adorn them with precious keepsakes.

Another added benefit of a Frigidaire Gallery® Black Stainless Steel kitchen appliance is the new Smudge-Proof™ design that helps repel fingerprints and stains, which makes cleaning your stove or refrigerator easier than traditional stainless steel.

Father Cooking Breakfast at Black Stainless Steel Range
Young Girl Opens Black Stainless Steel Refridgerator

To clean your black stainless steel products, simply wash the surface with a mild soap or detergent and warm water. Use a soft dish towel or microfiber cloth to dry. Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach or abrasive steel wool pads because this could permanently damage the appliance. Always read the manufacturer’s guide for proper care instructions.

Make black stainless a part of your kitchen design

Black Stainless Steel appliances works well as a mix and match option or as a complete set. Both Traditional Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel offer the same quality and durability. Consumers can choose between the varieties of finishes to improve the look, mood and feel of their home.