Celebrating 100 Years of innovation
We're celebrating 100 years of appliance innovation by spotlighting our must-have inventions and showing how life has changed for the better because of them.

If we never  invented the home fridge.


First Home Refrigerator

W.C. Durant purchases the manufacturing company that built the first self-contained refrigerator and coins the name Frigidaire.

If we never  invented the home freezer.



Frigidaire originally calls it an Ice Cream Cabinet. But the first chest-style freezer proves to have many more uses.

If we never  invented the room ac unit.


First Room Air Conditioner

Frigidaire invents the first commercially successful "room cooler" and transforms what it means to be comfortable in your home.

If we never  invented the stackable laundry center.


First Laundry Center

Frigidaire develops the first laundry center with a family-sized washer on bottom and dryer on top.  At just 24 inches wide, it's a big idea in a small package. 

Black Stainless Steel is the  perfect  match.

In 1954, Frigidaire brought style to kitchens everywhere by introducing vibrant colors across all their appliances. Today, Frigidaire combines timeless style with an easy-to-clean fingerprint-resistant surface to their new Black Stainless Steel Collection.

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